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Ioanna Ladopoulou

Illustrator, Designer and co-founder of CodeHeaven Studios

-- I love creating stuff, whether digital or physical


I specialise in photorealistic illustrations and particularly portraits. I also love fantasy art.

Temporary Tattoos

My designs include illustrations and quotes from favourite books and movies, geometric shapes and much more!

Web and App design

It started as a hobby, but I recently launched a company called CodeHeaven Studios, specialising in iOS/Web Design and Development.

My Pencil Drawing Adventures Blog

Keep in touch with my traditional and digital drawing adventures. I'll be sharing tips and tricks, reviewing items and software and writing about anything that captures my imagination.

Joanna Vu Pencil Art Studio on Etsy

I love drawing. The feel of the pencil in my right hand, the flow of the paper, the smell of the empty sheet as it fills with graphite. Every stroke makes me feel more connected with the image I create. It's a wonderful feeling that leaves me satisfied every single day and reminds me why I love traditional drawing so much.

In the past five years I rekindled my childhood obsession that I had almost forgot about. I started drawing every day, working my technique to achieve photorealism in a traditional setting. Being able to depict the smallest details in the eyes of my subject for example, makes me feel like I understand and connect with it on a deeper level.

My work includes photorealistic portraits and objects, as well as fantasy art. You can see some examples of my work in the gallery below.

Also, I make drawing videos on YouTube. Some examples from my channel:

For the rest of my work, or to keep in touch, please visit my art-related social outlets:

Above The Skin Temporary Tattoos Shop

My temporary tattoo shop was born through my search of creating art that could be more intimate, more personal. And what can be more personal than something that you wear on your skin.

A temporary tattoo can make a delicate but strong statement about who you are, or they can help you be someone else for a while. :)

Our fantasy themes are great for cosplay, or other playful occasions like bachelorette or children parties.

For more designs please visit my eshop or my Etsy shop:

Also, to keep in touch please follow me on my social media:

CodeHeaven Studios

Design has many faces. I love creating both physically and digitally. I was drawn to digital design, when we started designing mobile apps and games with my husband in 2012. Our adventures led us in creating our design and development company CodeHeaven Studios.

We specialise in Website, e-commerce and iOS design and development. Please check our website if you’d like to learn more about our company.